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about us

About our brand

About Us

The original Africa Forever Clothing.  This brand was established 2011 out of love for Africa. After scaling top well-known brands, the question was “What about Africa”? what about a brand that All Africans in all parts of the world can come together and represent Africa with proud, making the Africa forever map logo official and accepted amongst the top fashion brands.  Africa Forever Clothing is the inspirational force behind many African designers & African clothing lines created after 2012 making clothes to represent Africa.  We take proud in creating the latest fashion that celebrates the proud history of Africa. Providing trendy styles of clothing and headwear with Africa on it for people who want to represent Africa anytime and identify with the culture.  We promote unity amongst the distant relatives with the slogan “Different colors One people, one love, One God” with everything originating out of Africa. We are the official designer, producer, and distributor of all authentic head wear with Africa map design (Africa Forever Logo)

All the ideas, inspirations, and planning during the creation of this brand was a collaborative effort by brothers, sisters and friends from Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Congo, Ethiopia, and Jamaica. It is our hope that you wear this brand with proud and in the spirit of togetherness, be peaceful towards others, showing love and compassion because we are all distant relatives, different colors one people, originally from Africa Forever.